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5 tips to leverage online networking for your business growth

5 tips to leverage online networking for your business growth


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

30 Jan 2019, 07:00 — 4 min read

For any growing business, networking with other businesses, customers, groups, or communities is necessary to explore new growth opportunities. In today’s digital age, you can make the most of the available social media platforms to make new connections, communicate with your business partners, and reach out to potential customers and suppliers. GlobalLinker is one of the social media platforms you can leverage to network effectively with other business owners.

Here are some tips to maximize online networking for your business:


1. Update your online profile
The first step to get noticed is by updating your online profile. Make sure your profile has enough information about your business. Include your business description, product/ service details, website link, awards, and other unique information about your business. Remember, your online profile reflects your business identity, so you have to make sure that all information is correct and comprehensive.  

Updating your GlobalLinker profile not only makes it easier for potential clients and partners to find you, but it can also help you in identifying suppliers and buyers for your business.

2. Use your digital business card (e-Biz Card) as your email signature
Do you have a digital business card? When exchanging emails, you can include this electronic business card to your signature so you can easily be remembered by the person you are corresponding with.

As a GlobalLinker member, you can create your own e-Biz Card for free and incorporate this as your email signature! You need to simply go to your GlobalLinker profile, copy your eBiz Card link and add it to your email signature settings. In this way, your email message can stand out from other messages.

3. Join a group
Joining groups related to your industry or your interests can help you discover like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas, expertise and 
tips.  Actively engaging and interacting with the group can expand your connections which means more people can get to know about your business.

On GlobalLinker, you can find business groups by clicking the ‘Community’ or you can use the search functionality to find a group related to your interest or industry.

4. Share quality content
For people to notice you and your business in the online world, you must establish yourself as an expert by posting quality content related to your industry. You can start by writing articles that offer
 tips, effective strategies, and other useful information. This will help build your online reputation as an industry expert who is generous enough to share quality content.

You can start writing on GlobalLinker through the Knowledge section where you can also read other business articles on a host of topics. To submit your article, click on ‘Knowledge’, select 'Articles' and proceed to ‘Write an Article’.

5. Stay active
Networking with other business owners is a good start, but maintaining a healthy ongoing business relationship is what really counts. Thus, you must be active in responding and communicating with links in your network. Building positive business relationships can lead to further business growth through referrals, introductions and

Online networking has the power to nurture your business growth. Porter Gale, author of the book 'Your Network is Your Net Worth' says, "With social media and technology, we’re really in a global society. We’ve seen time and time again that miracles can happen and connections can be made. The world has been reduced from six degrees of separation down to three. Even if you’re in a rural area, you’re only three degrees away from someone who can change your life.”

What are your tips to maximize online networking for business growth? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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