An ode to the inspiring women in my life

An ode to the inspiring women in my life

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Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

332 week ago — 4 min read

When I decided to write an article to commemorate Women's Day, I naturally turned to my daughter for some advice. She pointed out that in this day and age, women have transcended several barriers to overcome social stigma and the clutches of male domination.


We have women who are amazing mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who make the world a better place. We have ordinary women who come from all walks of life doing extraordinary things. We have doctors, social workers, CEOs, scientists, astronauts and more; when just a few centuries ago, this was unthinkable.


So, on that note, I take the opportunity to write about those women whom I know personally and who broke the glass ceiling in becoming successful in what they set out to do.


A friend of mine who is now a well-known entrepreneur and a leading philanthropist, suddenly found herself in a dilemma when her husband passed away. With no other options but to take up the reins of the business herself, she was able to successfully run her company with sheer determination and hard work. Today her organisation is a leader in the category of products they manufacture.


I also recently met a divorcee at a seminar who had brought up her son all by herself. She was working in a place that ensured her daily bread. The extraordinary thing about this is that she does not have vision in both the eyes and her son is physically challenged. With help and support from her caring relatives, she was able to make a life for herself and her son. At the seminar we were amazed by her willpower. She never allowed her problems to affect her and the cheerful and determined manner of her speech instilled confidence in the rest of us.


Let me also take a moment to talk about my super Mom. An octogenarian, who suddenly one day decided to document several recipes from her childhood memories, using a blog that has rapidly gained popularity. Today, she is a tech-savvy grandma who uses FaceTime to communicate with her grandchildren. So, what made her do that now? Just good old-fashioned sheer willpower and the willingness to learn!


I also know a lady who learnt to drive a car at 70 years old, and perhaps became the oldest person I know of, to get a driving license. Women like these tell you that age is just a number. If you set out to do something, there is nothing stopping you. Her husband passed away a few years ago and at that time she hardly had any knowledge of electronic gadgets and didn’t even know how to use a mobile phone. Today, she flouts an iPhone and saves her photos on cloud storage to share with others.


Oh! I must also not forget to mention about a brave lady I know who fought back from a deadly disease.  All throughout the course of the disease she maintained a cheerful face, showing no signs of her illness. I can confidently say that her recovery is owed not just to medicines, but  to the bravery that she displayed when the disease was playing hide and seek with her.


There are numerous mentions in books and media about many brave women and how they have influenced the world, but the women I have mentioned here in this article are those I know personally and have seen them become successful in whatever they pursued. To me they are superwomen.


At the end of the day it just goes to show that if you set out to do something with determination, you will certainly be successful.


As Women’s Day approaches, let's take a moment to reflect the many achievements of the women in our lives.


Happy Women’s Day.


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