Business lessons from an icon – Warren Buffett

Business lessons from an icon – Warren Buffett


Geet Jalota

Geet Jalota

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Success is a journey, not a place. It takes consistent hard work, and an unshaken belief in your values. One such inspiring journey is that of Warren Buffett. From a kid with hobbies and interests that revolved around numbers to getting his first lesson selling packs of chewing gum at the age of six; how all these events played a role in making him the world’s most influential person, a person revered as much for his knowledge of how to make money and more so how to make it and use it with integrity. 

Named the world’s wealthiest person (2008) here are a few nuggets from his book 'The Snowball: Warren Buffett & the Business of Life' (written by Alice Shroeder) – lessons perhaps we can use in our own journey: 


1. Even a boring and repetitive job can be turned interesting by getting into competition with oneself, driving oneself by raising the bar every day. 

2. Intensity is the price of excellence. And intensity comes only with obsession. Excellence does not come overnight. It is laid one brick at a time.

3. Always have confidence in yourself. Have confidence in the power of your business model and have confidence in using it. This confidence comes only from mastering your subject, one concept at a time.

4. Winners have a magpie obsession with minute details and a streak of competitiveness.

5. Each day one has to invest in oneself, learning and trying out what we learn. Cumulative knowledge is what lays the foundation for lasting success.

6. “You’re going to get one ball out of there, and that is the most important thing that’s ever going to happen to you in your life.” That ball will determine your gender, race, nationality, natural abilities, and health — whether you are born rich or poor, sick or able-bodied, brilliant or below average, American or Zimbabwean. This ovarian lottery, i.e. the deal that you have got in life is the best chance you have of achieving your dream. 

Loving who we are and what we do makes the difference! 

Do share how your experiences have shaped your entrepreneurial journey, in the comments section below. 

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