Digital transformation of businesses in India

Digital transformation of businesses in India

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Mohan Kumar

Mohan Kumar

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The Digital India initiative purposes to transmute India into a digitally empowered country. It aims to bridge the digital gap and takes India at par with the developed nations. Thanks to recent initiatives by the government most of our citizens are getting practice purchasing things online, be it small durable goods, toys, vegetables, electronics, etc. 


The current industrial age makes it important for every business to become digitally-ready. Digital transformation requires every business to deliver skilled and pertinent client solutions as well as implement up-to-date solutions.


Over 89% of the internet users visit Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine to find information about products or services. There is an exponential growth in the usage of Internet and it is no longer a forte marketing channel but a worthy future investment. Online channels are the most economical method of triumphing out to a large, perceptive, and knowledgeable target audience.

About 1.5 billion people are now associated with social media platforms. Many internet service providers are offering high-speed internet data at low costs which enables smart citizens to be online 24x7.

The digital transformation of business is commercial. You do not need a number of employees to manage the business as things are online and we will be able to track business digitally. When business is digitalised we have advantages like, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, Human Resources Management and Project Management going digital or online, that enables tracking details such as quotes, offer, dispatch details, payment, project status and employee management in seconds. Digital conversion helps any enterprises to go paperless and therefore reduces cost and protects the environment as well.

We are in a generation where “It is now or never”. Digital marketing promises a huge profit for any enterprises. With the number of digital users on the rise, digital transformations will prove to be a profitable solution. Every single company requires a sound digital marketing strategy to gain and compete in their respective industries. Industry verticals such as automobiles, consumer products, travel, hospitality, textile, manufacturing etc. are adopting digital marketing hastily to keep up with the high level of customer expectations. Therefore, going digital is a prudent solution to expand your business and it will help you investigate new entrants and reinforce supplier-customer relationships.

Let’s transform our businesses by making them ‘digital ready’ and contributing to the building of our nation.

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