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Effective on-boarding of employees is vital yet often ignored by SMEs

Effective on-boarding of employees is vital yet often ignored by SMEs

Employment & HR

Shweta Ojha

Shweta Ojha

23 Aug 2018, 09:30 — 3 min read

Summary: An effective on-boarding or induction process enables a new team member to adjust to their job role and adapt quickly to the organisational culture. Human Resource (HR) expert, Shweta Ojha, lists out the features of a comprehensive induction programme, along with its benefits.

How many times have you thought that you would like to make the first day of the new employee in your organisation memorable and yet nothing changed. Surprisingly you are not alone and this often goes down in the priority list of most management and therefore lost forever.

A structured on-boarding process should start the moment it has been decided that the candidate is suitable for the organisation.

Key components of the process should be:

Pre joining

  •  Job offer, negotiation and acceptance of offer
  •  Issuing an offer letter
  •  Providing clarity and seeking confirmation on the date of joining
  •  Communicating the list of the documents to be carried on first day
  •  Any pre joining formalities should be communicated

First day of employment (key responsibility of HR team)

  • Should welcome the employee
  • Get him/her to fill all joining documents (should be done at one go)
  • Give an overview - present and history of the company
  • Take him/her through the key HR policies
  • Stress on the code of conduct and core values of the business
  • Provide clarity on his/her job role and expectation from the organisation
  • Meet key people in the company

How does this help the organisation?

  •  Employee feels wanted and immediately generates a sense of belonging
  •  Provides clarity on the HR policies of the company
  •  Reiteration of the roles and responsibilities
  •  Complete employee file created in one shot
  •  Sets the expectation of the organisation
  •  Puts a face to the name of the key person he/she will be interacting with
  •  Employee can be productive at the earliest

Every organisation should value the new employees more than one gets excited on the arrival of a new car or a new gadget. Humans can add more value to an organisation than any gadget can.

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