From marketing executive to establishing a consumer research firm: A woman entrepreneur's journey

From marketing executive to establishing a consumer research firm: A woman entrepreneur's journey

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“Being an entrepreneur is a mindset. You have to see things as opportunities all the time” - Soledad O’Brien.


Rachita Mittal is a classic entrepreneur - the kind that sees a problem as an opportunity and is willing to dedicate themselves to the task of making a change. While working as a marketing executive, Rachita realised that there was a gap between the research provided by market research firms and the application of that research by an organisation. Most times, she noted a brand manager with expertise was required to action the insights and this was a major drawback of the research provided. Sensing an opportunity, Rachita used her experience and skill-set to establish InsideVerve, a consumer research firm in 2013. With this firm, she is driven to provide relevant and actionable insights in a timely manner. With her dedication and willingness to overcome challenges, in a reasonably short time she has been able to acquire clients across various sectors including some MNCs.


In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Rachita Mittal (RM) explains the consumer research industry and her journey and vision for her company.


GL: Tell us about your business and how it came into being.


RM: At InsideVerve we do consumer research and help our clients turn insights into action. I had worked in marketing for many years and realised that most research firms give consumer insights and it is a brand manager’s job to interpret those insights and turn them into action. We wanted to bridge this gap and help our clients with real time insights along with providing an action plan. Also, we understand the importance of time and take pride in turning around projects really quickly.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your business?


RM: Being a new research firm, it took us time to establish our credentials with clients and to get them to work with us. A lot of companies do research to validate their ideas and they need a sign off from a reputed Market Research company to tell the senior management that their idea has merit. We struggled to convince clients of our USP. Even if they wanted to work with us, they wanted us to work at a really low cost. How can a company that gives you quick and efficient research sustain at a low cost?


GL: What is the USP of your business?


RM: Our USP is that we provide relevant insights that work in real time and the great value we attach to our clients’ timelines.


GL: What are some of the milestones of your business?


RM: We have been in business for 3 years and while we initially faced a lot of apprehension from MNCs to work with us, we now work with some really big names across different sectors.


GL: What role do you feel GlobalLinker plays in connecting and assisting SMEs?


RM: GlobalLinker helps SMEs get greater reach by networking with relevant businesses.


GL: What is your big business dream?


RM: My big business dream is to work across geographies by 2020 and change the way research is done. It really needs to be quick and relevant without being lengthy and preachy.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


RM: Hold on! If you believe in your business and the reason of your existence, do not give up. Try to hold on as much as possible and you will certainly see success.


Disclaimer: This article is based solely on the inputs shared by the featured member. GlobalLinker does not necessarily endorse the views, opinions & facts stated by the member.

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