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ICICI Bank makes ‘InstaBIZ’ interoperable and is open to customers of any bank

ICICI Bank makes ‘InstaBIZ’ interoperable and is open to customers of any bank

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

23 Feb 2022, 12:56 — 3 min read

Now the benefits of ICICI Bank’s business banking mobile app is available to all merchants where they can instantly create an UPI ID & QR code on the app, and start collecting instantly.

In a digitised world, the customer is the king, with the world at his fingertips. Merchants and retailers, like yourself, need to step up therefore and provide quality services, while leveraging online solutions to offer simple and convenient payment options to your customers.

ICICI Bank empowers you to take your business to the next level by simplifying collections, and pushes for a digital-first approach. Now, with the all-new Eazypay Instant Onboarding feature available under InstaBIZ, merchants can link any bank account and enable instant collections through Eazypay POS/UPI/QR.


Eazypay Instant Onboarding Video


Benefits of digital collection services of InstaBIZ for any merchant:

• Instant onboarding with Digital KYC: No more scanning and uploading of documents. Our API integration will fetch your KYC validation and other details, automatically

• Value Added Services: Eazy Online Store,Instant card settlement, etc.

• Intuitive Dashboard: Eazypay’s powerful dashboard makes it convenient for you to manage and track all your transactions, on a single platform

• Digital Business Card: Boost your collections by sharing digital business cards with a QR Code

• Different Modes: You can enjoy flexibility and collect through all the digital modes, like POS, QR Code, SMS invoicing, Aadhaar, EazySound


Instant Merchant Collections Current Account Benefits


• Voice Notification: Eazypay offers instant voice alerts on the EazySound device, thus saving your time during transaction confirmation

• Tap on Phone: This Eazypay feature converts a smartphone into a POS machine for managing small ticket transactions initiated on the go

• Instant Settlement: Eazypay feature is available under the InstaBIZ app and offers yet another industry-first solution - Instant Settlement for customers, enabling instant credit of QR transactions to your Current Account

• Online Store: With ICICI Bank’s Eazy Online Store feature, you can transform your shops into an online store in just 30 minutes.

• Earn Loyalty Points: With Eazy Rewards, earn exciting loyalty points on every Eazypay POS and UPI collections. Reward yourself and your loved ones by redeeming these points on shopping, vouchers, travel, recharge and more, on the InstaBIZ app.

So, go ahead and download the InstaBIZ app. It's available on both iOS and Android devices

Download now


Source: https://www.icicibank.com/blogs/current-account/Instant-Merchant-Collections-current-account.page


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