If you can dream it, you can do it

If you can dream it, you can do it


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GlobalLinker Staff

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Summary: Get inspired with the life and words of famed entrepreneur Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.


The most famous quote attributed to Walt Disney, the creator of the much-loved Disney characters is “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The quote itself is beautiful, but it takes on special meaning given Walt Disney’s personal story. Struggling as a cartoonist, he created the character of Mickey Mouse and eventually, when he could not get his work published, created an animation company that immortalised his vision and is one of the largest media houses in the world today.


It is not just his business journey that is an inspiration. It is the fact that he effectively spawned a whole new industry by mainstreaming animation and creating a magical new world that inspired children. He created ‘dreams’ and for over four generations, children have grown up on a diet of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the stories of Snow White, Aladdin and Cinderella. Disney continues its founder’s legacy by staying in tune with the cultural tropes of today and has created a string of strong female protagonists in its new movies from Belle in Beauty and the Beast to Elsa from Frozen, among others.


Walt Disney certainly ‘dreamed’, and he achieved what he ‘dreamed’. And in achieving his vision he inspired other people to dream and gave them stories and characters that were timeless, a legacy that continues till today.


Here are a few tips on how you can go about achieving your dreams. 


1. Articulate your ‘dream’ - The most important step towards realising your dreams is articulating them. A ‘dream’ in this case is a professional ambition. For example, a bigger car could be something you wish for but that is not a professional dream. A ‘dream’ would be to achieve success in your startup and begin exporting your products to foreign countries over time. A ‘dream’ could also be to achieve success as an artist by having your work recognised by the art community and wanting to have your work exhibited in a foreign country. Articulating this kind of professional ambition helps create a sense of enduring motivation in the dreamer and can help them move forward on the path to success.


2. Be prepared to work hard - Realising a vision is often painstaking work. Thomas Edison, the renowned inventor, had explained when asked about his ‘genius’ that ‘genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration’. The dream or the vision is the inspiration. The perspiration, or work, will determine whether your idea will ever achieve fruition. A great idea is the beginning and not a recipe for success.


3. Stay positive when faced by failure - Taking failure in your stride will help navigate the peaks and troughs of day to day life that are inevitable in any meaningful endeavour. There will be some dark times on the road, and not letting that affect you adversely is key to ensuring that you continue on your path. Having unreasonable expectations for the reward you think you deserve for your efforts today could quite likely lead to you losing motivation. Make an effort to stay positive and learn from the mistakes you might make. Not repeating mistakes is the hallmark of a great entrepreneur.


4. Enjoy your successes - Successes will find their way to you if you keep making the right efforts. Take the time out to savour them. Savouring success can help renew the spirit and provide energy for greater efforts in the future. Enjoying your successes will also make the journey worthwhile. The journey is just as important as the destination. Time that goes by, never returns.


5. Have a support system - Very few, if any, of the greatest achievements in history were achieved by people working in solitude. A support system is invaluable on the path to success. Identify a core group of people who support you and keep them close. Pursuing a dream will involve making sacrifices and communicating with your loved ones and helping them understand your priorities is essential. They will be able to stand by you better if they understand. Also, have a mentor. A source of knowledge and guidance, beyond emotional support, can make a significant impact, especially in the nascent stage of starting a business.


Dreams are a beautiful thing. They inspire us and push us to be better than who we are today. Harness the power of your dreams and use that energy to achieve your professional ambitions. 

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