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Importance of business growth through ‘networking’

Importance of business growth through ‘networking’


Vidhi Maheshwari

Vidhi Maheshwari

17 Jul 2020, 09:30 — 5 min read

“The opposite of networking is not working.”


For SMEs, networking is one of the essential tools to grow their business. No matter what business stage you are at—looking for investors, hiring new talents, finding your dream assignment — having the right to connect with the right people is most essential. Furthermore, social media allows savvy business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their networks without even leaving their offices or homes.

We are past that phase where only connections in the same industry or city are of value, any links today can lead to the best outcomes. We came across a business that has benefited through their network reach, given the export situation due to the nationwide lockdown.


Business networking can help you reach more clients, knowledge resources, and eventually lead to business growth and increased profits.


The biggest roadblock for SMEs when it comes to networking is the time constrain; it’s difficult to attend 2-3 hours networking event when you’re practically living at the office. However, with advanced technology, networking is accessible at a click of a finger. And for that reason, networking cannot be ignored.


Business networking can help you reach more clients, knowledge resources, and eventually lead to business growth and increased profits.


After surveying over 12,000 professionals, it was concluded that those who said networking had an essential impact on their success spent an average of 6.3 hours a week taking part in networking activities.


It is vital for business growth where people share their experience, mistakes, success with other business owners. Every business owner invests in money, but it is also crucial to invest in relations.


Friends, family to work colleagues, business connections, your social network, and members of groups to which you belong, are all part of your system. Business networking benefits not only your business but also your personal growth 


Benefits of business networking


  • New business leads

When people start noticing you, it opens the door for new opportunities. This is the most obvious benefit of networking. At GlobalLinker, you can make 300,000+ businesses notice you by updating your profile and starting a discussion.


  • New ideas and perspective

Networking can be an excellent source of new ideas and perspectives, and networking is engaging with different people from different backgrounds. Even a simple conversation can lead to new business ideas, new insights, and so much more. At times it can be challenging to talk to every individual, GlobalLinker eases it for you with their groups created based on industries and interests.


  • Strong support network

In hard times, when in need of help, strong network pays off. The connections you make career opportunities during rough times, give you resources when you face a challenge, and so much more.


  • Keeps you in the know

Networking helps to keep your business and you in the know. The more you network, the more likely to stay up to date on business trends, climate, and much more. As a GlobalLinker member, you can use your free eBiz Card and use it as your email signature which will help your emails to stand out from others.


  • Builds your social skill and confidence

Being visible and getting noticed is a massive advantage of networking. As you network, your confidence and self-value grow tremendously.


Businesses are built on networking. Your network is the greatest asset in any business. Have you done what you can to build the best possible network? After all, it is rightly said that your ‘network’ is your ‘net worth.’ The right time to start networking is now!


Are you aware that GlobalLinker has over 300,000+ SMEs for you to network with?


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