Importance of Regularly Checking the Status of Your Trademark Application

Importance of Regularly Checking the Status of Your Trademark Application

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Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar

3 days ago — 6 min read

Applying for a trademark is a significant step for any business, as it protects your brand and ensures that your products or services are distinguishable from those of your competitors. However, the process doesn’t end once you submit your application for trademark registration. Regularly checking the status of your trademark application is crucial for several reasons, ensuring that your brand is protected and your business operations proceed smoothly. Here's why.

1. Avoid Missing Critical Deadlines

The trademark registration process involves several stages, each with specific deadlines. Missing any of these deadlines can result in your application being delayed, abandoned, or even denied. By frequently checking the status of your application, you can stay informed about upcoming deadlines for responses, amendments, or additional information requests from the trademark office.

2. Respond Promptly to Office Actions

Office actions are official letters issued by the trademark office detailing any issues or objections related to your application. These can range from minor corrections to more significant issues that need to be addressed. Regularly monitoring the status of your application ensures you can respond promptly to office actions, which is crucial for keeping the registration process on track and avoiding unnecessary delays.

3. Stay Updated on Opposition Periods

After your trademark application is published, there is typically a period during which third parties can oppose the registration of your trademark. Keeping an eye on the status of your application allows you to be aware of any oppositions filed against your trademark. Early detection gives you the opportunity to prepare a strong defense or negotiate settlements, if necessary.

4. Ensure Timely Maintenance and Renewals

Trademark protection is not indefinite. To maintain your trademark rights, you must comply with ongoing maintenance requirements and renewals. Regular status checks help you keep track of these requirements, ensuring that you file necessary documents and fees on time to keep your trademark active and enforceable.

5. Prevent Unintentional Abandonment

Trademark applications can be abandoned for various reasons, such as non-response to office actions, failure to use the mark in commerce, or not meeting specific deadlines. Regularly checking the status of your application helps prevent unintentional abandonment by alerting you to any potential issues or actions needed to keep your application active.

6. Monitor for Infringement and Unauthorized Use

While your trademark application is pending, it’s essential to monitor the market for any unauthorized use of your mark or similar marks that could cause confusion. By staying updated on the status of your application, you can take appropriate legal action against infringers to protect your brand and maintain the distinctiveness of your trademark.

7. Ensure Accurate and Up-to-Date Information

The trademark application process may require updates or corrections to the information provided initially. Regular status checks allow you to ensure that all details are accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of complications arising from outdated or incorrect information.

8. Address Trademark Objections and Oppositions

Trademark objections and oppositions are common hurdles in the registration process. An objection is typically raised by the trademark office, citing reasons such as similarity to existing trademarks or non-compliance with trademark laws. Opposition, on the other hand, can be filed by third parties who believe your trademark could harm their existing rights. Regularly checking your application's status helps you stay informed about any objections or oppositions, allowing you to prepare and file appropriate responses or defenses promptly.



Regularly checking the status of your trademark application is a critical practice for safeguarding your brand and ensuring a smooth registration process. By staying informed and proactive, you can address issues promptly, meet all necessary deadlines, and ultimately secure the protection your brand needs to thrive in the marketplace. Taking the time to monitor your trademark application status can save you from costly delays and legal disputes, providing peace of mind and a solid foundation for your business’s growth and success.


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