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InstaOD – ICICI Bank’s Online platform for Instant Overdraft

InstaOD – ICICI Bank’s Online platform for Instant Overdraft

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

10 Dec 2019, 16:10 — 2 min read

ICICI Bank Instant Overdraft (InstaOD) is an online platform that provides unsecured instant overdraft facility up to Rs 15 lakh to Current Account customers.  The offer is given to existing ICICI Bank customers as well as new to bank customers. For existing customers, the over draft is on pre-approved basis wherein the eligible customers will be shown the offer in Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) or InstaBIZ mobile application. Basis customer’s transaction history, the customers are given Instant Overdraft limit, the disbursement is immediate and does not require any paperwork. Here the customer can select desired limit for disbursement and the maximum disbursement is capped to pre-approved limit.


ICICI Bank is industry’s first to provide overdraft facility to new customers at the time of Current Account opening. Customers can simply visit the InstaOD platform, enter customer’s details and upload other bank statements. Basis eligibility criteria, the customers are offered overdraft limit at the time of Current Account opening. Guest login section of InstaBIZ app enables new customers to apply for Instant Overdraft directly through their phone, the amount is disbursed once the account is opened.


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