Is it critical to network within one’s company?

Is it critical to network within one’s company?


Shital Mehra

Shital Mehra

385 week ago — 3 min read

Although networking externally is considered critical for corporate success, networking within your organisation is equally important for your career. Connecting with your colleagues, creates value for you and your organisation for today and for the future. These contacts will stay with you many years after you may have left. Having said that, strike a healthy balance so as not to be seen as someone who curries favour.

Benefits of networking internally are:

• Improves your personal brand as you gain visibility - projects you as a winner

• Knowing people & information beyond your cubicle can be useful for completing projects

• Help you retain your job, especially in a downturn

How to network:

• With senior leaders: Develop a list of seniors you admire/ wish to connect with and invest time building these relationships. Ask an internal “connector” to link you with these leaders. Request for a short meeting, go prepared with relevant questions and use this opportunity to learn more about the senior and to project yourself as a competent professional.

• With your boss’ peers: If you enjoy a good relationship with your boss, request him to introduce you to his peers. Tread carefully, as these could be his rivals! 

• With your peers: Step outside your comfort zone by interacting with colleagues from other departments. To be viewed as a team player, it’s important to be liked by your colleagues. A few ideas you can build on:

1. Send congratulatory emails when others get promoted.

2. Sign-up for cross-functional projects and open-day training programmes

3. Start an internal lunch forum, or newsletter/ intranet, inviting contributions from others

4. Assist with organising events e.g. office parties, Friday drinks, CSR initiatives, conferences and cultural events.

Networking is all about building relationships; it’s a give and take process that requires time and effort to keep it going but reaps huge dividends.



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