Love yourself, love your work

Love yourself, love your work




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In the book of life, loving yourself  is the first chapter. This Valentines Day, love, learn and grow! Discover simple ways to love yourself and your work. 

Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate and embrace love. A day where you remind your loved ones that they matter to you in every way possible.  But when you think about it, do you remember to show some love to the one person that matters most? Yourself?


In our fast-paced career and work life, we forget to take care of ourselves. So how can we love ourselves and love our work at the same time?

Discover your interests

Not only will it let you learn something new for yourself, it may look pretty impressive on your resume as well. If you like to do coding, try to learn something new. You may even find yourself being selected to head specialised projects.

Beat boredom

Sometimes the one thing that can get to you is boredom. The origin of unhappiness. Making a change (even a small one) can change the way you think and apply yourself at work. Keep acquiring knowledge to keep yourself on your toes and information always at your fingertips!

Organise your personal space

Not everybody can be like Marie Kondo (organising consultant and author) but decluttering and getting rid of the unwanted will give you more energy and focus to concentrate on what’s important.

Find your go-to

This can be a famous personality that inspires you (for me it’s Michele Obama), a book or philosophy that sustains you or a place that revives you. Find a positive focal point that inspires you to navigate life with joy, wisdom and courage.

Rediscover yourself through fun activities with co-workers

Enjoy dancing? How about joining a dance team? Or take part in team sports activities with your co-workers. Not only do you get to know your colleagues better, they too will discover a whole new you.

Finally, at the end of the day, you are the best critic of yourself. Analyze your mistakes and give yourself a pat on the back for successes. Learn to love yourself. The happier you are, the more engaged you will be in your work life.

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