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Madhumita Sarkar Guha, Founder, Luxe Living

Madhumita Sarkar Guha, Founder, Luxe Living

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Supriya Mathur

Supriya Mathur

18 Dec 2019, 14:20 — 4 min read

Enterprise: Luxe Living
Founder: Madhumita Sarkar Guha
Industry: Textile, Apparel and Leather
Year it was founded: 2016
Location: Kolkata, Bengal

Luxe Living is a manufacturing and export business helmed by Madhumita Sarkar Guha, a first-generation woman entrepreneur. She empowers traditional handloom designers of Bengal to create garments of the finest quality cottons, silks, wool and various natural blends with focus on international quality and local authenticity. Luxe Living products have found many patrons in India and abroad.

Madhumita shares her business journey in conversation with GlobalLinker (GL).

GL: Tell us about your business.

Madhumita: Luxe Living came into being because I strongly believe that the plethora of rich Indian handwoven textiles has to be presented to the global audience in a new format. We started operations in 2016, after in depth research for 3 years. We manufacture handloomed textile articles like scarves and resort wear garments along with custom designed yardages. 

Luxe Living products, handloom apparel


GL: When did you start exporting?

Madhumita: After participating in exhibitions worldwide, we started exporting in 2017, with handwoven garments to Spain and other countries. The idea was to translate the traditional weaving art of Bengal into wearable forms for the western world. We also create bespoke accessories and handmade furnishing items. 

Identifying new export markets is a continuous process. Lot of research goes into demographical & cultural practices. Economic conditions are also taken into consideration. Pricing calculation is critical as markets are extremely price sensitive.


GL: How do you identify export markets?

Madhumita: Identifying new export markets is a continuous process. Lot of research goes into demographical and cultural practices. Economic conditions are also taken into consideration. Pricing calculation is critical as markets at present are extremely price sensitive. We closely monitor international design forecasts, quality of woven fabrics and final stitched products, and deliver buyer specific packaging.

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GL: What challenges do you face?

Madhumita: Learning the ropes of an export business as a first-generation woman entrepreneur has been a tough uphill climb. My experience of 18 years in managing a different kind of business did come handy; nevertheless exporting is a different ball game altogether with its numerous paperwork, logistical bottlenecks etc. Meeting order deadlines is always a challenge considering the seasonal and cultural influences on the weaving community in Bengal. Lack of access to finance is also a challenge. 

Here I would like to add that every time we face a hurdle, FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organisations) officials are there to solve it. Be it organising efficient seminars for industry related issues, to helping understand procedural norms, to issuing documentation certifications. FIEO is a pillar of strength to rely on for exporters. 

GL: What is your big business dream?

Madhumita: Luxe Living strives to create a brand synonymous with ‘sustainable fashion’ globally. Our aim is to manufacture fashionable clothing and accessories by simultaneously reviving traditional weaving crafts and improving the livelihood of the weaving community, thereby ensuring continuance of these craft practices through induction of youth.

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