Mother's Day & motherhood: My reflections as a 'mompreneur'

Mother's Day & motherhood: My reflections as a 'mompreneur'


Tanya Khanna

Tanya Khanna

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Each year, on Mother’s Day, as the day comes closer and as the hype and marketing increases, I think to myself  Why are these days not talked about more often? Why is this one day only when Moms need to be treated well or pampered? Why only celebrate this one day for our mothers?

But then logic also creeps in, and I acknowledge, and recognise that in the rut of daily life, we don’t have the time to pause and celebrate moments, celebrate people and celebrate and express our gratitude for relationships. Therefore, these days remind us and make our life easier. It is days like this, that enable us to tell our mothers, our fathers and grandparents and friends and husbands that we care.

Now that Mother’s Day is here, I think of my own Mom who has been instrumental in shaping me into who I am today, and my mother-in-law who shapes my being on a daily basis. My gratitude to them as a mompreneur and simply as a mom is immense. I may not express it on a daily basis, but such days empower the relationships.

In the journey of a working mom, there is no red light, and orange lights are an occasional luxury. Life is one straight, green line. Falling sick is also a luxury a lot of us cannot afford. As mothers, especially those who are working, we question what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how well we are doing it. Are we doing justice to work and to our children? Is it okay if we are not there, everywhere, all the time? At moments like this, I tell myself, how fortunate I am to have the support that I have  whether it is the husband, the parents, the friends who accommodate our constantly tight schedules, and of course, the help.

Also, having a child actually makes me a better person, a better worker, a better boss and of course a very organised person. I am sure we don’t even realise in our daily chores, that being a mom makes us superbly organised and extremely disciplined. I have seen the laziest and most disorganised people getting their act together once they become a parent. How wonderful is that! We all learn how to manage time, kids, food, help, parents and of course, still strive equally hard to find that hour for ourselves or to read a book, occasionally to retain some sanity. The road is long, and the journey isn’t that smooth. But the skills that one develops as a mom   multi-tasking, managing time, people-skills, financial management, clear communication etc – there is no management programme that enables these skills, all together, in such a short time-frame. So, A big thank you to our children as well for enabling us with this opportunity. For making us better people.

“It’s the teacher that makes a difference, not a classroom”. No other education in life, can provide as much learning as this relationship of mother and child. In the classroom of Life, we are blessed to have our mothers as our teachers. Thank you Mommies. Enjoy each day as a day that is only yours!


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