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SMEs and salesforce

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Pramod Madhavan

Pramod Madhavan

31 Aug 2020, 13:48 — 4 min read

The journey of a business from being a startup (where survival is critical), to growth, to a mature enterprise is a journey enabled by technology. Technology primarily is a game-changer for businesses. Especially, small and medium businesses (SMB), where business owners have seen technology as a tool to take care of their business operations and the catalyst to move them to the next level. Technology has helped business harness exponential returns in areas like increasing quality pipeline, conversion, operating lean and helping in retention of customers by giving a great experience during this journey.


Sales are the life force of any business, small or big. NO sales = NO customers = NO revenue, the math is simple. In 2020, small businesses need a robust and scalable tool to address the challenges in the world with evolving technology to conversant consumers with high expectations. To help companies prepare for this changing sales landscape, we would like to share a few insights on how a customised system on salesforce could help you stay ahead of your competition.


Targets with deadlines

A customised system can be used for efficient allocation of lead-based on-location coverage, time-saving routes, priority visits, live status update, geo-tagging to help the salesperson prioritise and effectively manage his day to day work.


Work smarter

CRM is a decision-making tool and which can also be used to make better decisions about how to spend your time—keeping the sales team abreast on the “what’s next”.


Be mobile

On an average, 20% of the time spent by the salespeople to enter the daily activity into a system – this results in wastage of time in the market where they would be making sales, apart from the potential loss of data. CRM tool also has a very user-friendly mobile app which helps in computing tasks on the road as they do from their office with a mobile – CRM helps salespeople work smarter.


Best lead first

All leads have different needs, so we should be responding quickly to the prioritised leads. This is by predominantly identifying the most valuable customer, determining the appropriate solution that will push the best leads at the top of the queue. This helps maintain a lean pipeline and a productive workday.


Inbound call / Data is gold

We understand that inbound calls are highly effective leads when you make an effort to call, you are highly motivated and far along in the buyer journey. The most important thing we can do is make the most of these opportunities by collecting the full details and generating a strong lead. Finding the right sales guy for the customers need and equip him with all the data to convert the lead.


One view

It’s no more about customers feeling to be the most important customer – they want to feel like your only customer. To make that happen, you need an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system that gives your sales team and everybody else in your company a complete 360-degree picture of each customer in one place. That way, you can see a customer’s full history, answer all their questions, and even anticipate their needs as if they were your one and only.

Do share your thoughts on this.


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