The power abilities of women that power GlobalLinker

The power abilities of women that power GlobalLinker

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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At GlobalLinker, women power every aspect of the organisation be it strategic, product development, creative, or technical. So, this Women's Day we decided to turn the lens on the dynamic women at GlobalLinker to hear from each of them a ‘power ability’ that makes them shine.



My power ability is to focus on one task at any given moment. Giving that moment my very best — be it a work call, play time with my son, or an evening out with friends. I consider 'focus' as my superpower and believe that it is the only way of living a good quality life - personally or professionally.
Summi Gambhir, COO & Cofounder

Problem solving
Being a proactive problem solver is my power ability.  I usually work with a perception to identify glitches and smoothen them out as the situation demands. It has always been helpful to think through the tasks for better efficiency.
Mital Dubal, Director Partner Growth

My power ability is my creativity. I am creative at work, home and at almost all aspects of my life. I love being creative, it means everything to me.
Shally Tayal, Associate Director - Design


My superpower is networking. It comes very naturally to me, whether it’s making new friends, mingling with colleagues at work or even building relations with business owners.
Malavika Jaggi, Director - SMEs & Partners


Perseverance describes me the best. Having resilience as a virtue combined with a never-say-die attitude makes me confident to succeed in various facets in life, be it professional or personal.
Mona Vohra, Consulting Advisor

Handle difficult situations with confidence
I have the power ability to make people comfortable. And also the ability to walk through difficult situations and make sure that I get past them.
Nafisa Sethwala, Director - Product Implementation

I think my power ability is my vulnerability — to own my feelings and express my feelings. And the other is to recognise the power abilities in others.
Supriya Mathur, Content Engagement


Stepping out of comfort zone
I think my power ability is not being afraid of taking risks and putting myself outside of my comfort zone. Earlier I would second guess myself, now I take it as learning opportunities. It’s okay to not be okay!
Manali Parekh, Product Lead - Financial Services

Peace of mind
Anything that leads to peace of mind, takes me in the right direction. This technique has helped me a lot in life.
Sushma Kumari, Head - Owned Media


Digging into my strength
My power ability is looking at myself in the mirror and excavate my strength to rise back! When I look into the mirror, I adore myself and dig into my potential to deal with exhaustion and challenges. I can see in a flash the challenges I faced in the past, how I dealt with them, won or lost, assess my learnings, diagnose my strengths and correlate the present with the successful deeds of the past.
Prerna Kashyap, Manager - HR

Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day. Share with us your power abilities.


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