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Weekly Trade Alert: 5 -11 February

Weekly Trade Alert: 5 -11 February

Trade Alerts

Federation of Indian Export Organisations

Federation of Indian Export Organisations

13 Feb 2021, 19:08 — 8 min read

Alerts from the Indian Trade Portal on Tariff/Preferential Tariff/ SPS and TBT measures/GST/Export incentives/Export-Import Policy Conditions etc. during the period: 5 - 11 February 2021 are given under. Please click on a notification for the details.


Policy & Customs

Customs, Tariff & Policies


Trade Remedies
Trade remedies


Animal & Animal Originated Products 

 Animal Originated Products


Plant & Plant Products

Plants & Plant Products


Processed Food



Chemicals & Textile
Chemicals and medical supplies


Engineering & Electronics
Engineering & Electronics


Regulatory Developments in India
Regulatory developments


Click here for more details on Weekly Trade Alerts from 5 - 11 February 2021 from the India Trade Portal.


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Federation of Indian Export Organisations

FIEO is the apex international trade promotion organisation of India. Directly and indirectly it represents the interest of over 200,000 exporters in India. FIEO has 17 offices in...

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