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  • Farid Malik

    Farid Malik


    Ladies dresses indian and arabice

    26 Sep 2017, 18:40

  • Saurabh Arora

    Saurabh Arora


    Hi All! I am into the Equity Research and Advisory. I am starting a Whats App group for Stock Market Updates and will impart Information which will help you Trade in a more Informed Manner. This will be an open forum where you could discuss with other members on the Subject Matter. This is going to be absolutely Free of Cost. I will also be promoting a couple of my products alongside, which will not be hard sold to you. Drop in your number either in comments or Drop a message with your name on 9686668182. Regards Saurabh Arora

    11 Sep 2017, 13:16

  • Rajiv Mota

    Rajiv Mota


    Do you want to Save or Create Wealth?

    31 Aug 2017, 12:57

  • Nishant Sethi

    Nishant Sethi


    Looking for a real estate professional in New York with experience in the Manhattan market to help with your investment in New York, please email me at Nishants@nestseekers.com 001-516-3002075

    30 Aug 2017, 23:12

  • Shibu Thankachan

    Shibu Thankachan


    Business loan

    18 Aug 2017, 14:02

  • Santhoshkumar Thangavel

    Santhoshkumar Thangavel


    I want investors to invest in my company

    15 Aug 2017, 12:24

  • Sanchit Taksali

    Sanchit Taksali


    This Independence Day make yourself Financially Independent with #Investiture

    11 Aug 2017, 23:12

  • Atul Gupta

    Atul Gupta


    The secret of success in life for a person is to be ready for the Opportunity when it comes. As the FATE is well defined - it is nothing else but the meeting place of your Mental Alertness and the Opportunities passing by . . . You have almost sensed the golden opportunity by joining us. We are pleased to welcome you to the Emperor group. We highly appreciate you for your dreams, decision, outlook and potential. https://t.globallinker.com/e9hcL

    1 Aug 2017, 09:26

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Rakesh Pandey


    UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE BUSINESS CONCEPT LET’S DO SOMETHING NEW AND UNIQUE 1) www.786Family.Com 2) www.IndianFamilyHistory.Com It is genealogical information storing & sharing web platform. Genealogy (Family History) is a most important part of our life; everybody has intention to save/store their memorable events, emotion, plea, joy as well as Photos, Videos, Docs etc. This web platform is a suitable space for gathering Family Information like family tradition, customs, principle & dynasty (KHANDAN) details. Details of family members, marriage, diseases, & family back-ground may forward to next generation. Family History is an important part in our social life. Our culture, tradition, life-style, customs, principle, vicissitude of Dynasty, Experience, Genetic disease, Joy-Plea, Memorable Events, Important Photos, Videos, Family Back-ground, Khandan information etc are may be stored in a secured space for use in future as well as Next Generation. Mystery of Family History may guides and teaches us to secure present and future; we have to know our past to fix and moderate incoming future.  Most import Features: o Inter-connected all relatives’ families o Family Vs Family Net o Search families & relatives’ families o Details of each member  Personal information  Educational information  Professional information  Religious information  Albums for Photo, Video, Documents  Share events, photos etc among members & families. o Details of each family  Family History  Family back-ground  Share & Gather facility   Most effective areas: Education Sector: Today’s students are more comfortable for smart study with internet; every student can search & study about historic and famous idols along-with digital information, audio-visual & graphical family chart which may helps them. Poof: There are three types of family information available:- First – Company may create some family history of historic and famous persons like, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Mahatama Ghandhi, Netaji Subhas Bose etc for public. Second – Users can create any public figure by update setting of public via admin approval. Third – Generally, users can create their family information which may semi-public for the use of matrimony services along-with more flexible options Matrimony Services: We can able to introduce unique matrimony services with 100% pure information along-with root factor (family-background) of all bride & groom. Poof: During creating family chart / information, everyone should share details of their mother-father (forefathers) and child; there is no scope of wrong information regarding mother-father & child. Astrology Services: We can introduce valid astrology services with tie-up renowned astrologers though inter-change of requisite information only. Phase-I: Launch following 03 websites (portal) as alpha version with single database server. i. www.786Family.Com : dedicated for Muslim community ii. www.IndianFamilyHistory.Com : as English preferred version iii. www.Khandaninfo.Com : as Hindi preferred version (All are to be connected a single database) Phase-II: Company should tie-up to digitalize all genealogical (forefathers/ family details) information laying at Pilgrim places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Tirupati etc. Thereafter, Company should arrange to facilitate hi-tech services at all important Pilgrim Places. Phase-III: We have to extend at District – Block - Village levels with some important services pertaining to PANCHAYAT. Some more concept on following domains to me explore later on. 3) HelloFormash.Com & in: 4) EpaymentGateway.in 5) LifetimeFreeCash.Com 6) LifetimeRecharge.in 7) OurMartyrs.Net + 63 related domains for Trust (NGO) Let’s me your pure interest please.

    21 Jul 2017, 00:25

  • Sanchit Taksali

    Sanchit Taksali


    Finally, the day has come. Our first Webinar is going to live on 27th June 2017 - 9.00 AM GST Guys, time to learn and enhance your Investment Management Skills Register to attend the webinar for free https://t.globallinker.com/8KqyH #HappyInvesting #Investiture

    19 Jun 2017, 20:31

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