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Protect payment risks

India’s first outsourced Receivable Management Program

Payment delays or willful defaults leading to bad debts cause extreme financial hardships.


If your business suffers from similar circumstances, secure your receivables risk with IRC’s Outsourced Receivables Management Program. Get peace of mind to focus on your core business & to expand in new markets.


Fill up the enclosed form below and talk to our experts to understand how this can drastically reduce risk and boost your business in new cities / regions in India and across the world.

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  • What does IRC Outsourced Receivables Management Program cover?

    Regular Due Diligence of Buyers - domestic & international buyer background checks, both at the start of the business relationship and at regular intervals as trade continues. This way you can monitor the payment track record of buyers that you work with, and give market advisories to protect yourself from overexposure.

    Payments Monitoring - systematic, timely and scientific follow up of overdue receivables / payments. Ensuring timely payment monitoring is a very time consuming & expensive process, which will be effectively managed by IRC process.

    Legal Consulting - guidance on the most appropriate and effective legal/para-legal approach to ensure faster recoveries of overdue accounts receivables, protecting your balance sheet from potential losses.

    Corporate Governance Processes - end to end documentation to ensure transparency and compliance, and mitigating default risk.

  • How do I know if my business needs this product?

    • You are experiencing payment delays from existing buyers

    • You are in a dilemma when you get a new enquiry , how much credit to give, on what basis

    • Your sales is not moving to new cities / countries, thereby affecting growth.

    • You are keen to have an effective scientific process for receivables management

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