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Speak to a lawyer now & save money in the long term!

Exclusively for GlobalLinker members - @ just ₹99, get 15 minutes of expert legal advice on phone regarding all aspects of business - be it drafting and negotiating contracts, basic compliance, liability exposure, lawsuits and more

3 simple steps to get your queries resolved -

  • Pay ₹99 online
  • We will get in touch, understand your requirement & fix an appointment
  • Consult the legal expert to resolve your queries


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  • Why Vakilsearch?

    • Access to Experts

    • We connect you to verified expert lawyers.

    • 9.1 Customer Score

    • Clients are delighted with our service! They have consistently rated us highly because of our focus on simplifying legal requirements and providing regular updates.

    • 200+ Strong Team

    • Our team of experienced business advisors are just a phone call away, should you have any queries about the process.

    • Our team will ensure that your interaction with professionals is smooth and seamless.

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