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Mobility Solutions

SuperNet™ 4G SIM, 4G Mi-Fi, 4G Dongle and more

Empower your business with uninterrupted connectivity, blazing fast speed, superior features, unique online tools, and an unparalleled service experience, with Vodafone’s Mobility Solutions. Choose from


  • SuperNet™ 4G SIM SIM, Mi-fi & Dongle for Business
  • Roaming Solutions 
  • Audio Conferencing Services 
  • Managed Mobility Services

As a member, you enjoy a flat 10% discount on actual monthly charges on all Mobility Solutions listed below.

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  • SuperNet™ 4G SIM SIM, Mi-fi & Dongle for Business

    Already adopted by enterprises from sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, BFSI, and retail, Vodafone SuperNet ™ 4G provides data speeds that make for an ultra-fast internet experience. This lets you experience uninterrupted productivity, seamless and effortless communication, and ultrafast speeds. Note - Applicable only for existing Vodafone customers with a 4G phone in select locations. T&C apply.

  • Roaming Solutions – Stay connected without worrying about roaming charges

    Vodafone’s National and International Roaming plans enable your employees to stay constantly connected, no matter where they are, without you having to worry about the cost. International travelers can opt for Vodafone’s International Roaming plan without changing their number or operator. They also enjoy unmatched discounts across 53 top destinations (Singapore, Dubai, USA etc.) with a single pack - up to 78% off on voice calls and 95% off on Data Calls.

  • Audio Conferencing Services​​ – Get on a conference in as little as 10 seconds

    No long announcements or trying to remember multiple PINs to log in. With Vodafone Audio Conferencing Service you can conduct meetings anytime, anywhere without prior reservations or an operator. Get a permanent conference code to be shared with participants whenever you want them to join a conference. Quicker collaboration means faster decision making and significantly​​ reduced travel costs.

  • Managed Mobility Services – All your mobility needs, managed on 1 platform

    Not every employee has the same mobile needs and juggling multiple vendors for these different mobility requirements can be challenging for businesses. Vodafone’s Managed Mobility Services take care of your mobility needs – secure private channels, option to lease devices, security of all company data on devices and more.

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