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Wireline Solutions

SuperWifi™, Dedicated Leased Lines and more

Vodafone’s Wireline Voice & Data services keep businesses connected seamlessly. Choose from:


  • Vodafone SuperWifi™ - fully managed Wi-fi to simplify business management
  • Domestic MPLS VPN
  • Internet Leased Line
  • Leased Circuit (Domestic and International)
  • Toll Free Services
  • Office Wireline Voice
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  • Vodafone SuperWifi™ - Fully managed Wi-fi to simplify business management

    Vodafone SuperWifi ™ is a fully managed high speed WiFi network solution that provides unified, high-speed, wireless network (Internet and/or VPN) access to employees, guests and customers across all your offices, branches and stores. A high-speed WiFi network is often at the core of different business and customer initiatives for small, medium and large enterprises to drive business productivity and collaboration, improve customer experience, and adopt new technologies like IoT, Unified Communications, Cloud etc.

  • Internet Leased Line – Dedicated, carrier-grade internet connection

    Whether you are a large company, an emerging business, a start-up or a government organization, Vodafone Internet Leased Connection offers reliable, high-speed internet services that is secure and cost-effective. With Vodafone you get access to a high-quality, carrier-grade internet connection to one of the largest internet infrastructures globally.

  • Leased Circuit – Optic-fibre network for instant transfer of data

    Vodafone’s Leased Circuits, delivered on our seamless optic-fibre network keep your offices constantly connected with each other. Vodafone’s Leased Circuits provide point to point, high speed, secure and dedicated connectivity, for instant transfer of data between two offices in India or abroad via our National Private Leased Circuits and Bandwidth Connect (International Private Leased Circuits).

  • Office Wireline Voice – Direct lines of communication for your employees

    Vodafone Office Wireline Voice is a fixed voice solution that helps you connect directly to you employees, colleagues or customers on their direct landline number. No calling extensions, or talking to an operator and if your call volumes increase, you can simply scale up to your requirement.

  • Toll Free Service Provider - Allow customers to call you for free

    A Toll Free Number from Vodafone allows customers to call you for free, empowering businesses to serve customers better, receive feedback as a method of improvement, and generate new leads. Vodafone offers both Domestic & International Toll Free services so that your customers can reach out to you from any part of the world without any charge to them.

  • Domestic MPLS VPN Services - A robust network for secure and faster data connectivity

    The Vodafone MPLS VPN (Multi-Protocol LabelDomestic MPLS VPN Services - A robust network for secure and faster data connectivity Switching Virtual Private Network) is a centralised IT Infrastructure that delivers secure and faster data connectivity to offices in geographically diverse locations via a robust network. Delivered on the largest 100 Gbps core network backbone in India with high reliability, security and uptime of 99.999%, the MPLS VPN connection gives your business the advantage of a dynamic and future-ready service.

  • VPN Extended Connect - Seamless extension to Cloud Providers’ Data Centres

    For businesses that are already using or looking to switch to public cloud based systems, putting corporate information at risk is not an option. Vodafone’s MPLS VPN Extended Connect allows a secure, private connection from your MPLS VPN to leading public cloud providers’ data centres such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform, without the need to redesign large corporate networks.

  • Remote Connect - A reliable solution for your remote office connectivity

    For businesses that have multiple branches across geographies, Vodafone Remote Connect helps effectively collaborate between remote or small offices and central location. This is a reliable solution for your remote office connectivity that combines our MPLS VPN servic with the wireless network.

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