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Union Budget 2022: Analysis & Impact

Union Budget 2022: Analysis & Impact

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Wed, Feb 02, 2022
15:00 PM - 16:30 PM (IST)

Union Budget 2022: Analysis & Impact

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On the first day of February, business owners, taxpayers and citizens of India keenly anticipate the Union Budget. It’s the country’s financial plan for the year and a key growth indicator.


How will Budget 2022 impact your business? What are the salient features that you should be aware of? Are there any government schemes that you can benefit from?


To better understand the implications of Budget 2022 and get answers to  your queries, join an exclusive webinar on 2 February (Wednesday) at 3:00 PM with seasoned Chartered Accountant & Tax Expert - CA Ritul Patwa.


Zoom link to join: https://t.globallinker.com/ypug7

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Supriya Mathur
Supriya Mathur

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