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> Boostertech Solutions Private Limited

Boostertech Solutions Private Limited

Boostertech Solutions Private Limited

Banking & Finance, Accounting & Taxation / Accounting & Auditing
Mumbai, India

Outsourced CFO Services

BoosterTech Solutions is professional and Consultancy Company specializing in providing CFO Services. It provides services of highly experienced CFO to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) on a part time / shared basis at fraction of a cost of a Full Time CFO. SME business owners and entrepreneurs are expert in managing their businesses but lack financial acumen to manage their cash flows. Most of the SME do not have full time CFO, a financial expert, to support them in their endeavors to effectively manage their business and take it to the next level of growth, however, they do need great financial leadership on part time basis. Their business needs help of a financial professional for strategic and financial advice to be more competitive and successful in ever changing business environment. But neither can they afford nor do they need a full time executive, for which shared CFO Service works as the best option. BoosterTech Solutions shared CFO services enables SME to access skills, knowledge and expertise of an experienced CFO, who can provide strategic and financial guidance to meet immediate challenges of the business and build the strong foundation for future growth. CFO services focuses on a complete solution to SME by producing financial analysis and reports needed by all stakeholders like business owners, bankers, investors etc. This facilitates SME business owners to save time on managing finances and compliance, but concentrate more on expanding and growing their businesses. We are engaged as part-time, virtual, outsourced and shared CFO resource for clients that range from emerging growth to mid-size companies. We structure each engagement to meet each client’s specific business needs We are team of seasoned finance professionals We provide flexible Services to fit your needs We recommend and implement solutions for your business We make efforts to have a positive bottom line impact

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Key Contacts


Rajiv Negandhi

Rajiv Negandhi/Director

Boostertech Solutions Private Limited
/ Mumbai, India

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