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Craig Shelly

Beverly Hills, United States

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Craig Shelly is a luxury brand of Jewelry, Timepieces and Handbags. With headquarters in Beverly Hills and manufacturing units in Los Angeles, Switzerland and Italy, each piece is designed with love and care right out of California. We take pride in detailed perfection, and our quality is the best in the industry. Our mission is customer satisfaction and our goal is to provide luxury at affordable prices. Visit our website to preview some of our fine collections. www.craigshelly.com

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Craig Shelly has been involved in Jewelry and Watches since 1999. At Craig Shelly, each piece is designed to perfection and manufactured with the highest quality of parts and raw materials.

We understand the significance of quality and hence we only use Swiss Movements in our watches, such as ETA & Valjoux 7750.

We carefully choose the highest quality of diamonds in all of our jewelry and timepieces. Our Standards are E-F color, VVS clarity and brilliance is breathtaking.

Only the best quality of Sapphire crystal is used in all of our timepieces and all products use high-grade Genuine Italian leather.

Our designs are loved by jewelry and watch ****** all over the world.

Visit us at www.craigshelly.com

Aug 2017

11 - 30 employees


  • Head-office/Primary office

    9627 Brighton Way
    Beverly Hills - 90210
    United States

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