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Saanvi Infocomm LLP

Ludhiana, India

Digital & Technology > E Commerce


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Khaopiyomaujkaro is your very own platform to share and cherish memories through food and beverages. With KPMK, you can buy a table at a select restaurant, gift a table for your loved ones to cherish, book your kitty or private party, enjoy boozing at your favorite pub, order home-made delicious food from Rasoi Se, check out the directory of banquet hall, enjoy the best caterers at your door step or place an order for a home delivery. Khaopiyomaujkaro is on a mission to bring about a radical change in the way people perceive fine dining. Whether you want a romantic dinner date to be fixed for the night, a drinks night with friends, or lunch with your mom, we’ve got you covered!
For us, it’s not just about providing a service where you get to eat the food of your choice from your favorite food joint. It’s about building a connection and offering the best choice with sheer convenience. A key ingredient of our mission statement is having the best selection of restaurants across India to choose from, which is why we sit down with the teams, dreaming up the eateries and menus that will offer fresh and flavorful dishes without letting you dig deep into your pocket holes.
By connecting customers with food joints, we assure that they notice an increase in their sales, improve visibility, and – of course – have customers to try their food in their food joint. KPMK is truly passionate about food and offering people ever more options. There are restaurants or street food in every corner of the city that we believe everybody should have access to. Every consumer’s version of ‘good-food’ is different, and our job is to present them with the choice that they desire, when they need, where they need, and how they need. Behind the scenes, a massive data-driven technology platform enables us to help the food hubs grow their business by optimizing customer experience.
All the delicious meals required for that perfect date, that chaotic house-party, and the full-house gossip-filled kitty party is carefully premeditated, carefully sourced, and carefully delivered within the budget of your choice!

Service Provider


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Cabin 104 First Floor, Bal Towers, Dholewal
    Ludhiana - 141003

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