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Sai Chirag Infra Projects Pvt Ltd

Verified as Sai Chirag Infra Projects Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India

Construction & Real Estate > Construction & Real Estate Services


Sai Chirag Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prominent upcoming builders in Mumbai and New Panvel, with an eminent short history the company has made a mark across the metropolitan with its professional outlook and towering dreams. It has set bench marks for itself with every project that it endeavors and it ensures to make it better than the last. With various projects the company has catered quality to every strata of the society. Keeping in mind its aim and objective to enhance the lifestyle of anyone who lives within the walls of Sai Chirag Infra Projects. We are in the business of creating new value propositions by innovatively applying virgin land and existing old developments to unlock the best land potential - providing people with better homes and lives; businesses with enhanced working and manufacturing environments; and the country with infrastructure needed for its growth. Sai Chirag Infra Projects is unlike many others in the realty sector.

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Sai Chirag Infra Projects Pvt Ltd
Mumbai, Mumbai
Construction & Real Estate ,Construction & Real Estate Services

Jan 2006

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office


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