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SME Consultants In ( A Division Of Jehovah Business Consulting Ser

Bengaluru, India

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SME- Business Growth Management Consulting Services, Go2market Product Launch Services for SMEs & Start-ups. SME- Business Growth Workshops , SME- Export Support Services.

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SME Consultants are a Strategic Business & Management Consulting, Business Coaching/Consulting, Training and start-up mentoring firm. Our team comprises of Industry/Management experts, who have more than five decades of industry management experience working across, SMEs, start-ups, Corporates in India & abroad. We the Industry domain expert team members, have collaborated as associates at www.sme-consultants.in.

We discuss ,analyze & understand your concern /pain areas and provide solutions & assist in implementing the solutions which will facilitate the expedition of business growth.

Vision : To be among top 50 SME/SMB consulting companies in the world by 2025.

Mission : To be a valuable Business Growth Implementation Partner & deliver innovative business solutions to SME/SMBs, Business owners/ Entrepreneurs & Start-ups.

Core Services :Currently we provide the following core services to the SMEs, Business Owner/Entrepreneur & Start-ups.

1. Business Growth Consulting Services

2. Go2Market Product Launch Services for SMEs & Start-ups.

3.SME- Business Growth Workshops & Seminars

4. SME- Export Services

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