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The Jain Group

Nagpur, India

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Company philosophy
It seems that incidents of theft, rigging and other crime in entire India are increasing day by day. This is a big concern for all of us because nobody feels safe and secure.

Since then, these crimes are made at such regular distances. Unless we accept the protection and security of our homes until things happen, we can not reach this house.

Often, these criminals go to the house of vulnerable people, elderly couples, women and children and targets, either doors or windows, mostly wooden doors. So The Jain Group is a world-class security, safety and time-line switch to classic steel security and the appearance of homes.

Not only this, these doors are ecological, they are also safe and there is no need for maintenance. We have the desire of the environment, causing significant damage to the debris, therefore, to create awareness of environmental threats through human interaction.

When we use this doors, we save tree, (environment) and secure your home and, of course, make it possible when you become part of this noble cause.


Number of customers to be a choice.
Provide high quality services.
Work carefully.
Insurance to your homes, offices, shops and other business establishments.
we appreciate most; And we try to maintain transparency in our customers, honest and direct service.

Excellent innovative design for our customers is a luxury lifestyle, continuous market research and strong marketing, the main purpose of our company and a luxury lifestyle management and support. Our products range from the average cities and villages to a big customer’s high square meter, all based on our reputation.

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