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Theatre Resource

Pune, India

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Theatre Resource offers extremely different but useful programs for schools, NGOs, corporate organizations and industries through the area of applied theatre. It aims at exploring various issues related to people in diverse areas, using theatre as a tool. It helps participants to understand issues related with their personal, corporate/ industrial and social life and it also helps them to find the most appropriate solutions. The ultimate aim of using theatre for development, is to provide a safe space to the participants to explore their issues and identify, their own thoughts to support their decisions in life which would make them more successful in their work and happy in life.

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Theatre Resource, a proprietary organization, was founded with the aim of developing the human resource with difference. We believe in developing the human resource, not through teaching, but through a realization of experiences and actions. We do so by using a highly promising and unique methodology ‘applied theatre.’ For details visit our website www.theatreresource.in

Jul 2014

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    1330/10/4 Pl. No. 11, Chhatrapati Colony, Shastri Nagar
    Kolhapur - 416008
  • Kaustubh Bankapure 

    6 Nov 2015, 8 min read

    How Applied Theatre Can Help You Retain Your Employees

    Employment & HR

    How Applied Theatre Can Help You Retain Your Employees

    Retaining talent is as important as hiring is. HR and behavioural expert Kaustubh Bankapure explains how theatre can help your employees develop – and stay.

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