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Vestibulum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Verified as Vestibulum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru, India

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Software Development Services, IOT, M2M


Vestibulum innovative Technologies was started as a Private Limited Company and registered at Bengaluru, Karnataka and it is well positioned to offer Software Development, Software Consulting services to Clients located anywhere around the world.

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Team at Vestibulum is committed to delivering Nice / Engaging UI, 100% Secured, Enterprise Grade Software Applications for the Windows ( all form factors { old, new, upcoming* } ), MAC ( all form factors { old, new, upcoming* } ), Linux ( all form factors { old, new, upcoming* } ) and Mobile O/S such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile.

Team at Vestibulum is also well positioned to undertake either sub-modules or end to end assignments related to Design and Development of "WHQL" Device Drivers for Windows ( User Mode, Kernel Mode ), MAC OS X, Linux, Android NDK, iOS

Team at Vestibulum is also well positioned in the Design and Development of Secured, good quality Solutions for Internet of Things, MachineToMachine

Team at Vestibulum thoroughly tests all the modules that are involved in the Product Development and does also recommend to its Clients, new upcoming innovations that they can incorporate into their existing or new Software

Oct 2016

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Sriven Splendour, B Block 307, Yamlur Post, Challaghatta
    Bengaluru - 560037

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