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Zorin Interiors Pvt Ltd

New Delhi, India

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Manufacturers of Indian Furniture for the Indian consumer. We curate and execute living ideas to beautify homes and workplaces. Constantly expanding our product range and geographies to get closer to our consumer.

Established in 2011 , year on year, we have shown immense growth and success due to our hard work, vision, innovativeness and by prioritising its customers. The quest for perfection is a passion with us and that is why we have been at the recipients of appreciation and acknowledgment.

We fabricate value for our customers by offering high quality, well designed, tasteful home and office furniture at the right price. The quest for quality of excellence requires hiring, developing and retaining a diverse workforce of the highest caliber.

Increasing market reach and channel partner support, we wish to become a household name for all-things-interiors. Our performance will be guided by a clear and strategic statement and by an on-going quest for excellence within all operational and staff functions.

We want to be known for reliability, responsiveness, innovative products and services. We are making this happen in an environment enriched of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

To reach out to us for inquiries call us at 011- 41041224 or mail us at info@zorin.co.in



  • Head-office/Primary office

    New Delhi

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