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Ankush  Jaiswal

Ankush Jaiswal

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Travel, Tourism & Leisure


We, Trendy Explore negotiate exclusive rates for Luxe-Hand-Picked hotels around the world and provide handsome deals for our luxury-oriented customers.

Haridwar, India

We, Trendy Explore provides tours, travels packages with the fusion of social, culture, sports and adventure. As a Responsible travel organization, we create trends and explore the travel destinations with super Luxe hospitality.
Currently, Trendy Explore is a start-up, but our basics and values are on the higher side. We work on to make the best luxury itinerary with best price deal and to achieve dream goal with our traveler's satisfaction.

Nowadays, very few organizations provide luxury tours and packages, our mission is to provide same with socio-cultural-sporty-adventures packages, here we took a small step to make people realize that there is another world.

Every Traveller wants the best price deal with the best hospitality and services, here we have designed handsome packages for individuals, couples, Senior citizens, family, children, and groups, to experience the Luxe-urious life.
Our whole epigraph is to design packages is that to give luxe life to each and every one.

Company Summary

• We’re called Trendy Explore for a reason because we are constantly looking for the ways to make your Luxe-Holiday as Trendy (according to travel Trends) as possible to Explore (thoroughly explore your travel Destination).

• Trendy Explore only Aim is to provide our travelers with a best luxury deals and packages around the globe economically.

• Trendy Explore understand your travel holiday’s time that’s why we made your time a new Luxury.

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