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Pradeep Kumar D Gohil

CEO at World Micro Stock Vinimay USA LLC

Mumbai, India

Today humble need all kinds retail business-related demand & supply needy will participate in joint venture with us and free from all liability burden sale, marketing through startup World Micro Stock Exchange & Antique Bank will offer all consumers how can they apply our big data SaaS-consuming get them an investor (ROI) position by counting their all retailers buying & banking transactions will convert into taxable crypto of micro shareholding value asset or own mini bankers money landing

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  • Taxable Crypto retail asset

    Price on Request

    1 Unit (Min Order)

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    Omnipresent Exchange & own retail banking

    We welcome all retailers/ On-off line product & services provider will participate your all liability of sell, marketing IPO listing will enable to run with our early-stage to go globally how can our idea will convert into the solicited way a non-stop global listing IPO from Nasdaq will become the world's first omnipresent exchange & own banking role model of micro shareholding equity ROI, IPO listing and own mini banking taxable crypto-asset subscription will run at zero risk daily profit sharing ROI through our SaaS-Based multiple wealth & banking tool global tender bid POC will count every big data buying transaction & bank deposit will concert into micro shareholding equity ROI, IPO listing and own mini banking taxable crypto-asset and will be rush/apply all kinds finance, banking & market-related needy of worlds common masses, all industry following/merge/grab/adopt all countries big stock exchange ROI & IPO listing and all banking workload that better to support USA/global economy & job recovery through our joint venture with USA/Global all common masses, all industry and every countries security exchange authority and federal reseve banking & ministry of finance will never denied for our all kinds startup trial basis opening allow our venture World Micro Stock Exchange & Antique Bank

    Incorporation Type


    Year of Establishment

    April 2021

    No. of Employees

    1 - 10 People

    Annual Turnover None

    Industry Banking & Finance, Accounting & Taxation > Investment Banking & Private Equity

    Location(s) Mumbai (India) |

    Licenses and Certifications

    We certificate & awward of India's best top 10 app developer team and Antique Bank app was

    Awards and Recognitions

    We are selected top 50 BSE social impact venture our enterprise app World Micro Stock Exchange

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    Pradeep Kumar Gohil




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    1, PENINSULA BUSINESS PARK TOWER, गणपतराव कदम मार्ग, लोअर परेल, मुंबई, महाराष्ट्र 400013, India, Mumbai Maharashtra 400013

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    Pradeep Kumar D Gohil

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