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Barcodes by GS1

Empower Your business globally with universal barcodes which are accepted globally by all the major retailers and distributors. With GS1 barcodes you get: 

  • Cost-Effective Efficiency: Streamline your operations affordably with our barcodes, offering a cost-effective solution to optimize processes without compromising quality.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Shield: Safeguard your brand integrity on a global scale. Our barcodes act as a shield, ensuring authenticity and protecting your products against the threat of counterfeiting.
  • Digital Prowess: Propel your business into the digital era seamlessly. Our barcodes don't just bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds; they empower you to stay ahead in the digitization race.
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  • Features

    Versatility Across Industries:
    Whether you're in retail, healthcare, transport & logistics, or technical industries, our barcodes adapt to your unique needs. Versatility is not just a feature; it's a promise that your barcode solution seamlessly integrates into diverse industry landscapes.

    Efficient and Affordable:
    Optimize your processes without breaking the bank. Our barcodes blend efficiency with affordability, ensuring your operations are streamlined and cost-effective. Experience the perfect synergy between cutting-edge efficiency and budget-friendly solutions.

    True Supply Chain Visibility:
    With GS1 standards, achieve unparalleled supply chain visibility. Identify, capture, and share information about your products, components, and assets effortlessly. Gain insights that go beyond mere tracking; it's the power to foresee, plan, and elevate your entire supply chain.

    Life Cycle Management:
    Streamline life cycle management with precision. Our barcodes go beyond identification; they orchestrate the entire life cycle of your products, ensuring nothing is left to chance. From inception to retirement, our solution guides your products through every phase with meticulous detail.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Global Acceptance: Your passport to global retail. Our barcodes are recognized and accepted by major retailers and distributors worldwide. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace boundless opportunities.

    Sell to leading retailers and online Shopping Sites: To be able to sell through major retailers and online shopping site, suppliers/manufacturers have to affix GS1 barcodes for their products

    Free Barcode Management with DataKart Service: Get free access to GS1's DataKart service to easily assign and manage GTINs for your products. This helps avoid duplication of barcode. DataKart also enables:

    • View of all products information, their attributes, images, etc. from a single screen

    • Generate artwork for designing barcodes

    • View complete product lifecycle

    Comply with the product data requirements of FSSAI, AGMARK: DataKart also feeds the Smart Consumer mobile app and enables compliance FSSAI and AGMARK's requirements on providing license numbers and validity to consumers.

    Enhance online search results: Search engine giant Google has revealed a 40% improvement in search results when the GTIN (barcode number) is used within the product webpage, leading to higher visibility and more business.

    Complying with Regulations: National and international regulations currently requiring/endorsing the need for GS1 barcodes on products. Some of these are:

    • DGFT Public Notice No. 52 2015/2020 mandates use of GS1 barcodes on exported medicines to facilitate track & trace and authentication

    • U.S. FDA Regulation for Unique Device Identifier (UDI) for medical devices

Felix D'Souza

Felix D'Souza

Director, Customer Success at GlobalLinker

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