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  • Bhanu Thakur

    Bhanu Thakur

    Digital & Technology

    Rate Disparity in website development. A concern for both customer and service provider.

    11 Oct 2017, 13:40

  • Prabhat Jaiswal

    Prabhat Jaiswal

    Digital & Technology

    Business Presentations: For your prospective clients & for your staff Businesses are sprouting from every corner of the society globally. That’s why dissemination of information to people, different markets or prospective clients has gained momentum today. And this dissemination of information is effectively achieved through presentations. Short but impactful information about a business is collated and showcased in a presentation with the help of varied media-tools. These various kinds of business presentations encapsulate integrated details and data of a company in an attractive way. They can be presented while you go on simultaneously describing various ingredients verbally to your audience. A structured form of giving out details, these presentations can be showed and discussed in various locations and circumstances. You may present your multi-media presentation in a Conference Room on a projector. You can exhibit your presentation on Desktops or even on Smartphones. And through the internet, your business presentation becomes a carrier of your company-profile for even remote locations, carrying more impact than a one-on-one meeting would have done. You can mail your PPT to numerous destinations at one go. With the help of these presentations, you can save costs of travelling to your target-audience to showcase your products or services and the investment of a good time-chunk which you can put in for the core-activities. Business-presentations do a world of good even for your office-staff by working like a common forum for them wherein they can get significant information of their company in a concise package. When an employee sees his work or department is being portrayed in the presentation, his attachment to the company and other employees gets deepened. So presentations pass necessary information to your prospective clients as well as to your own workforce.

    1 Sep 2017, 12:50

  • Girish Ayya

    Girish Ayya

    Digital & Technology

    I am Girish from Avadhoot Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd. We provide IoT solutions to Manufacturing Sector

    20 Aug 2017, 14:26

  • Komal Jagtap

    Komal Jagtap

    Digital & Technology

    We AceInvent IT Solutions - Leading Web development & Digital Marketing company from Pune, If you are still working traditional way then your business will not grow, It's time to come online & grow your business. We will help you to achieve success. We are providing below services: 1. Web development 2. E-commerce site Development 3. Search engine Optimization - SEO : To get search on google, Bing, yahoo search engines 4. Digital marketing / Social Media marketing we will provide above services in budgeted cost, that will help you to get online leads. If your thinking for new business website then contact us: +918530156266 / +91 9766550825 sales@aceinvent.com Thanks & Regards, AceInvent IT Solutions www.aceinvent.com

    18 Aug 2017, 18:47

  • Avinash Vishwanath

    Avinash Vishwanath

    Digital & Technology

    Greetings from Anya IT Systems! Business Process Transformation is what we do. If you are using MS Excel sheets and Tally to manage your business then you need to talk to us. We can transform all your business processes* to our new age lean business management system on cloud. At affordable prices. So stop wasting time managing data on MS Excel. Instead, view real time business information at the click of a button. From wherever you are. * Business processes that are available on our business process cloud: 1. Purchase management (GST compliant) 2. Shipments, deliveries, stock transfers 3. Inventory management 4. Sales management and CRM 5. Sales and Service Invoicing (GST compliant) 6. Service management: Installations, AMC's, ticket management, field service calls, service efficiency 7. Realty rental management 8. Equipment rental management 9. Realty sales management 10. Property maintenance management 11. Accounts receivable management

    14 Aug 2017, 13:03

  • Michel Fortin

    Michel Fortin

    Digital & Technology

    We are working on an app that will introduce dynamic pricing to the retail stores to help retailers retain their in-store customers. Let me know if you are interested.

    13 Aug 2017, 23:30

  • Shivaprasad Venkatraman

    Shivaprasad Venkatraman

    Digital & Technology

    Dear friends, Projection and Heads up displays continue to innovate. They are the next generation of mobile devices providing hands free experiences. We are having a demo day of the next generation Augmented Reality Smart Glass platform called Madgaze. If you are an entrepreneur and love developing apps for mobile devices or delighting your customers with innovative connected experiences, you dont want to to miss this event. DATE/TIME: Friday, July 28th, 730 AM IST (get your chai or coffee) Location: Youtube Signup: Use link below (Its free) https://t.globallinker.com/aziJw

    24 Jul 2017, 21:06

  • Harsh Vashishtha

    Harsh Vashishtha

    Digital & Technology

    We make the technologies. If some are interested than please let me know

    20 Jul 2017, 19:06

  • Saroj Boradia

    Saroj Boradia

    Digital & Technology

    We specialize into Data Recovery from small pen drive to complex servers. We serve govt. depts., banks, school, MNCs, SME, Home users etc. We are ISO certified company since 1999.

    13 Jul 2017, 13:24

  • Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh

    Digital & Technology

    Digital and technology

    5 Jul 2017, 18:18

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