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Health & Lifestyle (97)

  • Anuradha Manna

    Anuradha Manna

    Health & Lifestyle

    Protect yourself from work related stress and health issues with these easy to follow tips to maintain your health while you work hard to get your corporate life in place. #Corporate #Work #Stress #WorkLife #Office #WorkLoad #CorporateLife https://t.globallinker.com/v17t4

    9 Apr 2018, 19:12

  • Rinku Jain

    Rinku Jain

    Health & Lifestyle

    Sparsh Smiles is a New age dental clinic with the most advanced dental treatments. We are the only clinic in India to offer painless digital anaesthetia. We specialize in minimally invasive and stem cell oriented dental treatments

    5 May 2017, 16:13

  • Mohan Upadhyaya

    Mohan Upadhyaya

    Health & Lifestyle

    Hello everyone. Healthcare industry is growing at the fastest as compared to any other industry. We offer end to end solutions to patients seeking affordable and best treatment in India. We also help in visa, ticketing, airport transfers and inside Airport assistance. Our channel partners are the best and renowned hospitals in India , where we put patient first'

    11 Oct 2017, 22:02

  • Sanchit Taksali

    Sanchit Taksali

    Health & Lifestyle

    Yesterday, I was making a Financial Plan for one of my clients and came to know that our Income & Expenses should be like a bicycle where balancing with the right speed & proper supervision help us in reaching the destination. Good Morning

    8 Sep 2017, 07:58

  • Antony Bosco

    Antony Bosco

    Health & Lifestyle

    Home Automation at your DoorStep - You think to improve your Home ! We provide the best solution to implement your Automation ideas and bring life to your ideas ! maybe it is Locking system you may require at home - It may be Water system controller in your roof Tanks - just email: ant_bosco@yahoo.com for further inquiries.

    31 Aug 2017, 00:02

  • Jacqueline Ferreira

    Jacqueline Ferreira

    Health & Lifestyle

    HEAL YOURSELF through the power of Nature - Join us for a Free Seminar to understand the critical role that Nutritional Medicine plays in regaining Health and preventing future problems.

    23 Aug 2017, 09:12



    Health & Lifestyle

    Hi ! Tiara Personal Hygiene is looking for Distributors/Resellers in India for their feminine Hygiene Products….. ( Hand Sanitizer , Toilet Seat Sanitizer , Intimate Wash and many more coming soon).. Please feel free to connect

    21 Aug 2017, 17:02

  • Rama Rao

    Rama Rao

    Health & Lifestyle

    Dear Friends , we are very soon going to launch very cheap but one of the most effective hand sanitizer based on nano silver particles as in used in lifebouy add by ajay devgn and kajol, we have already launched a product silvo clean which is a technical product for surface cleaning for 100 percent sanitization mainly for doctors to clean their desk/laptops and surroundings by just spraying, we have applied for patent for the same.

    8 Aug 2017, 18:24

  • Rama Rao

    Rama Rao

    Health & Lifestyle

    Dear Friends Posting herewith the flyer of silvo clean , it is one very innovative technology, it consists of water and our formula, which is harmless to children, and best sanitization

    8 Aug 2017, 19:00

  • Sumit Bohra

    Sumit Bohra

    Health & Lifestyle

    Now in India, OXYCHARGE 95% PURE OXYGEN ENERGY, visit us at www.oxycharge.in

    8 Aug 2017, 16:40

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