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Health & Lifestyle (97)

  • Colonel Achal

    Colonel Achal

    Health & Lifestyle

    With longevity elderly population is living long in India. Retirement Communities need to cater for Assisted Care. There is also need for Memory and Palliative Care, Day Care Centres, and Geriatric Care. Do you think it is justified to include this segment with real estate or consider them as extension of real estate? Also when the emphasis is on care and services, should not the elderly care segment be known as Senior Care Centres and equated with Health Care so that the senior citizens are not charged higher % of GST and also RERA in the present format be made applicable? Do you think we need separate rules for this segment as the models available are different and one set of rules may not be correct?

    2 Aug 2017, 14:19

  • Anup Yadav

    Anup Yadav

    Health & Lifestyle

    Anyone from medical tourism business ??? i m looking for working partner or employee for my comapny www.mountsinaiindia.com

    5 Jul 2017, 16:00

  • Arun Varma

    Arun Varma

    Health & Lifestyle

    Old books are donated. Old Clothes are sent down for recycling or reuse. Old plants are taken out and replanted. These hardly look like challenges as all of them have reciprocal solutions. What about old people?

    2 Aug 2017, 09:56

  • Praphull Chandan Jha

    Praphull Chandan Jha

    Health & Lifestyle

    Is Infertility is new epidemic disease engulfing Indian married couples? Having a progeny is an aspiration that is shared universally across the world. In India, of course, this is a matter of very high sensitivity and an inability can contribute to serious psychological, emotional and social distress to the family, irrespective of economic, educational, or religious background. It is, therefore, a matter of great concern to witness an increasing incidence of infertility cases, much of it owing to changing lifestyles and its consequent effect on physiological and psychological health and also owing to genetic propensity in the case of the female. Some Statistics: • India faces a high burden of infertility, with 22 to 33 million couples in the reproductive age suffering from lifetime • Female factor accounts for 40%-50% of infertility among infertile couples, while male factor, which is on the rise in India, accounts for 30%-40% infertility • Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is used primarily for treatment of infertility. In spite of increasing demand for infertility treatment, is a high cost burden. • Paucity of skilled IVF specialists and embryologists in India, with only about 3-4% (700-1,000). • 55% of IVF cycles being performed in the top eight metro cities • Absence of a regulatory framework for helping in mushrooming of IVF clinics with poor treatment outcomes and quality of patient care. • Low awareness of fertility problems among couples despite the high need for parenthood and the importance of social status associated with parenthood. We are looking at GlobalJLinkeer Platform 1. Doctor/ Expert: Who know this topic hands-on? We are working on developing a technology to take infertility head-on and make it affordable to everyone who faces this problem. 2. Team/ Network Building: Entrepreneur who has the passion for health care start-up. Looking for Co-Founder/ Core Team 3. Fund: Presently, we are self-funded but looking to raise some more. 4. Location: New Delhi (Dwarka) Contact : email: Praphull.srei@gmail.com Twitter: @invitro / Mobile: +918368372190

    21 Jul 2017, 18:26

  • Sanchit Taksali

    Sanchit Taksali

    Health & Lifestyle

    #TruthAboutMoney Life is NOT a Rehearsal, that time IS slipping away! Are you living the life you want to live? Have you earned enough that you NEVER run out of money? How much enough you need? It's not about Investments, It's about living the lifestyle. If any of your above answers is NO! Then, Read more to know how you can live one. https://t.globallinker.com/RF0pN Or Contact Investiture - Your Personal Financial Planner Where you find the friend with whom you can live.

    21 Jul 2017, 09:14

  • Devanjan Dasgupta

    Devanjan Dasgupta

    Health & Lifestyle

    A second medical opinion can greatly reduce the risk of mistaken diagnosis. Know more - https://t.globallinker.com/pgVQY

    17 Jul 2017, 10:05



    Health & Lifestyle

    HEALTH IS WEALTH We follow what our job tells...we do business for profits.... We make and create people for industrial training both in business and jobs... But how about health.... When it comes to business and job... MY QUESTION IS ABOUT... How many hours we need to work I mean Business or job... How much sleep we need... How do we save our ♥ health.... Is there a time for health and diet since morning exercise breakfast till night dinner......In 40years of my age what I experienced is to make our more healthier is YOGA I have learnt allot from this... My morning exercise walking 3km and 5 to 6 litres of water I drink along with yoga... My breakfast I eat boiled veg soup.... Lunch little day rice... Evening dinner between 6 to 7 I take veg soup and Raagi mault ... If I miss dinner I eat fruits...before nine... By 9.15 I take one table spoon of honey directly without any combination.... I sleep by 9.30 in the evening... And morning wake up as usual 4.30...chech all mails by 5.30...Starts with yoga... This is what I follow NO allopathic medicines since 30 years of my life not consumed... I am absolutely healthy... Even my colleagues follow the same.. And Satday Sunday only with ???? family give them all happiness.... This exercise I am following since two years..... My dears friends business jobs. Etc are part of life till we are alive.... If anything wrong please suggest me... I will do happy. . Just try it.. KARREE CH SRINIVAS.

    15 Jul 2017, 10:57

  • Smita Chowta

    Smita Chowta

    Health & Lifestyle

    Exercise is not a luxury or a privilege it's a necessity. Do you agree with me.

    12 Jul 2017, 08:25

  • Devanjan Dasgupta

    Devanjan Dasgupta

    Health & Lifestyle

    It’s common to overlook the health of our gastrointestinal system, even though it contains 10 times more health-determining bacteria than the rest of our body. Details on how gut health determines the health of whole body - https://t.globallinker.com/vTtSl

    14 Jul 2017, 10:05

  • Burzin Khan

    Burzin Khan

    Health & Lifestyle

    we are a Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic specializing in Implants, Cosmetic and restorative Dental treatments using State of Art Equipment for Digital diagnosis to final delivery of restorations. Precision & Time saving pain free treatment modalities

    11 Jul 2017, 16:24

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