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Women Entrepreneurship (13)

  • Supriya Mathur

    Supriya Mathur

    Women Entrepreneurship

    Attention GlobalLinker members: Share your choice of top 5 Women Entrepreneurs. Comment here & stand a chance to win a special gift on Women's Day (8th March).

    4 Mar 2016, 12:36

  • Surinder Kumar

    Surinder Kumar

    Women Entrepreneurship

    Tourism is the largest Industry in the world and every year nearly one billion people travel across the globe to discover new destinations. This mega movement creates an enormous opportunity in terms of social and economic development along with employment generation. One billion tourists, one billion opportunities was the theme of world tourism day this year. Let us join hands and celebrate the campaign focusing on the opportunities in tourism and encourage communities to build up their capacity and sustainable future for the same.

    26 Nov 2015, 11:24

  • Dytapura Poornima

    Dytapura Poornima

    Women Entrepreneurship

    hello for green coffee powder please try to contact me on my mail address anjana.purnima@gmail.com

    2 Aug 2015, 15:37

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