Do you get angry at work?

Do you get angry at work?


Nanda R

Nanda R

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Summary: We all get angry. Anger can affect our lives in several ways, making us do things we regret. Learn how you can manage anger and lead a better life.


As humans, it is a natural tendency for us to experience anger at work, while interacting with colleagues, clients, vendors or others at work. It is imperative we understand the reasons, and ask ourselves the folllowing questions - How may I understand the triggers that cause anger? Is there a pattern? How do I channel anger positively?


I am proposing a small exercise or experiment that can help you manage anger to be more productive at work, if done over a period of time.


Read further and try this 3-step experiment to control your anger.


Step 1: Engage

Think of a situation when you got angry.


Are you able to recollect the “Why”?


Could you have calmed down? Could you have stopped your urge to be angry, moved on and avoided a negatively charged situation? How did you feel physically? Did that lead to stress? Did that further lead to wastage of time and loss of focus on what you were doing or going to do?


Step 2: Activate

Next time when you get the urge to be angry, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale, at the same time think is it worth getting angry.


Observe your breathing, how your body is reacting and think why did you get angry? Who is at fault?


Step 3: Reflect

How did you manage your anger? Did you take that deep breath? Did it help you calm down? Did you miss that important work due to your anger? Even if it was the fault of your co-worker, did your anger make any positive or negative difference?


When you get emotional at work and get angry with yourself, your boss, colleagues, client, vendor or anybody else; you would have observed that you get physically and mentally distracted, which reflects on your task at hand.


Manage your anger by observing your behaviour.


Take a moment to change your life and be happy! Do share your thoughts or alternative suggestions in the comments section below.


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