• How do I get featured on Supplier Spotlight?

    To grab the spotlight, make sure your profile:
    1. Is more than 85% complete
    2. Is successfully verified (Note: If verification is applicable to your country, then this check will be there. To know if you need to verify your profile, visit your profile to see if you see a tick or a prompt to 'Verify your Company')
    3. Has the Profile picture of the Company Admin
    4. Has the Company Logo
    5. Has the Company Banner
    6. Has the Company Description
    7. Has at least 3 products published and your store is also published, incase you have a store. 

    You can update these right from your profile. Just keep an eye on your profile meter to reach the 85% completion rate. Visit your profile by clicking here.

    Note: Catalogues are always published and displayed on the company profile. Stores will have their own unique web urls and require to be published to meet criteria #7.

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